2 thoughts on ““The Earth is Yours” by Gungor

  1. I’m praying for my family this morning as they gather together this week. That my siblings and their families would open their hearts and see that I do exist, that God would remind them they have a sister, who was honest and that they themselves would be honest when facing the mirror. That God would soften their hardened hearts and make what is bittersweet into new wine. That my family would look inside, and like Pastor Andy Stanley said this past week in his sermon, “…do you want to be like everybody else…you didn’t consciously make a decision to be like everybody else…but if you keep looking at the world and wanting what the world has, and wanting your life to be like someone else’s, you are like everyone else…Look inward and consciously to God and let Him guide you, so you are like Him…Start with God, if you can’t ‘do Jesus,’ just start with God and be like God….” I pray my family will be more like God and not everyone else and find that on the inside things are not as they appear. That they would quit associating being gay/lesbian with incest and become more like Jesus who does not mention anything about homosexuality, or more like Pope Francis, who thinks we have a wonderful attribute to add to the church and should not be judged for God’s creation. Praise Jesus for He is King of King and Lord of Lord’s.


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