5 thoughts on ““Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” by the Cambridge Singers

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    My pastor is doing a wonderful job, for those of us who are homebound and cannot attend church as we’d like. These morning prayers are touching to my heart. Thank you, Rev. John at UCC/DOC, Austin, TX!

  2. I’m praying for R, today. For steadfastness, identity of space and time, acceptance of self, reliance upon the supports around him. To be open and honest and that the spirit of Lethargy and Pessimism would leave him, immediately. The spirit of Isolation/Depression would leave immediately. That he would come to our church and find a loving home. May God comfort all who suffer with health issues, and may our legislature at the State and Federal levels would cease the “stigma” attached to mental health. For all are God’s and we are ONE with HIM.

  3. Prayers here also for R.
    Jeanne and Ruth, her mom, as Ruth’s earthly life is ending.
    Jim, undergoing surgery now.
    Mike–prayers that he may be shown mercy in sentencing for the white collar crime he has pleaded guilty to. Prayers for his wife and two young children.

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