“Una Espiga Dorada por el Sol (Sheaves of Summer)” by Tlen Huicani from “Missa Jarocha”

#ThankfulThursday What are you grateful for today?

1.  Sheaves of summer turned golden by the sun,
    Grapes in bunches cut down when ripe and red,
    Are converted into the bread and wine of God's love
    In the body and blood of our dear Lord.

2.  We are sharing the same communion meal,
    We are wheat by the same great Sower sown;
    Like a millstone, life grinds us down with sorrow and pain,
    But God makes us new people bound by love.

3.  Like the grains which become one same whole loaf,
    Like the notes that are woven into song,
    Like the droplets of water that are blended in the sea,
    We, as Christians, one body shall become.

4.  At God's table together we shall sit.
    As God's children, Christ's body we will share.
    One same hope we will sing together as we walk along.
    Brothers, sisters, in life, in love, we'll be.

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